Tuesday, December 17, 2013

19" Beautiful Southern Roach: $550obo

This beautiful roach has been in our collection for a few years. It is 19" long, has an 8"+ crown with 3 rows of porky in the crown. The yarn base is tight and hand-constructed well. Roach features a full pink inner row and turquoise outer row. This is a perfect roach for a Southern Traditional dancer. Asking $550 or best offer. All forms of payment accepted. Email us at orders@rlroaches.com.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Turkey Beard Roaches (for Rob from OK)

Over the year, we completed (4) southern traditional turkey beard roaches for Rob from Oklahoma. The beards used for the roach are roughly 7-8" all around. All featured custom dyed red deer tails, with an all hair base. We are accepting custom orders. Inquire at orders@rlroaches.com

Moose Mane Roach (Made for Rob from OK)

This petite re-creation Moose Mane roach features a custom-dyed hair base, several rows of Moose Mane, and is roughly 6" in length. Let us make your new roach! orders@rlroaches.com

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Recent Roach: 24" Northern Hair Base

This Monster 24" Northern all-hair base roach was recently custom made for a Grass Dancer in Oregon. It boasts a 5" wide crown (inside), custom dyed colors, 1 full row of Montana porky hair and 2 half rows in the crown, and an 8" tall crown. We are accepting custom orders, email us at orders@rlroaches.com.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

2 Turkey Beard Hair Base Roaches: Sold to Rob from OK

7" Long, these 2 Hair Base Turkey Beard Roaches were made with custom dyed colors and 7-8" tall turkey beard. Modeled after a century old Southern Plains hair base roach in our collection, these turkey beard roaches are the perfect size for a well-dressed Southern Straight Dancer. Inquire today for your custom order. randlroaches@gmail.com

Monday, May 14, 2012

A Recent Roach: 22" Northern Porky Roach (sold to Russell from WY)

22" Northern Porky Roach consists of a 5" wide crown, 1.5 rows of dark Montana Porcupine hair, 8" tall crown, custom-dyed inside and outside deer tail colors, and thick hand braided/sewn 100% wool yarn base. This roach is the newest addition to Russell from Wyoming's Northern Traditional Clothing. Order your custom roach today!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

For Sale: Southern Hair Base Turkey Beard...$600

The perfect roach for a well-dressed Straight Dancer, this 6" long yellow/purple unclipped deer Hair Base roach features 2 rows of Eastern Turkey beard ranging from 7-9" tall throughout the roach. This roach has a full two rows of yellow deer hair on the outside and the proper "southern" shape as modeled after a century-old Straight Dance roach in our collection.

All construction, dyeing, and sewing is done by Ryan and Linda. This roach is being offered at $600 currently. We will also accept serious offers on this fine roach. Email us your custom order or interest at randlroaches@gmail.com.